Open rehearsals at Concertkoor Haarlem

18 May 2023

Concertkoor Haarlem is a rejuvenated choir that performs a variety of great works under the direction of conductor Bernhard Touwen. The choir has grown considerably after the corona period but there is still room for new members. If you are a practised singer and would like to sing in a choir that aspires to a high standard, come along to one of our public rehearsals on Monday 22 May and 5 June. Listen and sing along, meet the members and the conductor and find out that this is the choir you have always been looking for. Welcome!

Concertkoor Haarlem rehearses on Monday evenings from 20.00 - 22.15 in the Church of the Nazarene, Zijlweg 218, 2015 CK Haarlem. Free coffee and parking.

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Our condutor Bernhard Touwen, 2022

Our condutor Bernhard Touwen, 2022

Concertkoor Haarlem is a vital quality-choir directed by Bernhard Touwen, performing a great diversity of oratorio.
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