The fate

11 March 2023

Carmine Burana by Orff

The theme of the upcoming concert on Sunday 14th May 2023 is "fate" that befalls us humans. In that context, the program includes two works by Brahms and Orff’s Carmine Burana. Everyone knows the opening music-the world-famous O Fortuna-often used in movies and commercials. For more information about this concert, see agenda.

Tradition and future

Our tradition is for the choir to perform alternating works: known/unknown, old or new, with sometimes the living composer in the audience. This offers challenge in an enjoyable way, and in this way you get to know countless beautiful works. Connoisseurs praise the choir for its artistic programming and transparent choral sound.
The concerts are always in the welcoming Philharmonie, one of the finest venues for choral music in the Netherlands. It is a special experience to perform here with top soloists and a professional orchestra and to experience the energy in the hall. Singing connects.
The choir was founded in 1946 by Albert de Klerk as ‘Koor Katholiek Haarlem’. This was a continuation of the "R.K. Oratoriumvereniging" led by Eduard van Beinum, which had disbanded at the beginning of the war in 1940.
After 45 years, in 1991, Ger Vos took over as conductor. He led the choir in an energetic and inspiring way. He bid farewell on Feb. 13, 2021, together with his wife, repetitor Gonny van de Maten, with a performance of parts of Bach’s Hohe Messe in the Philharmonie. Afterwards, Mayor Wienen appointed them both Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau.
Conductor Bernhard Touwen only the third conductor since its founding in 1946. On October 27, 2022 was his debut concert in the Philharmonie which was well received. He knows how to motivate the choir members enormously and every rehearsal is an inspiring experience. Through his contacts with the International Vocal Competition, he often manages to attract young, top international singers to our concerts.

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Our condutor Bernhard Touwen, 2022

Our condutor Bernhard Touwen, 2022

Concertkoor Haarlem is a vital quality-choir directed by Bernhard Touwen, performing a great diversity of oratorio.
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