Concertkoor Haarlem was founded in 1946 as Koor Katholiek Haarlem by Haarlem organist and composer Albert de Klerk. In 1999, at the request of the members, the name was changed to ‘Concertkoor Haarlem’. The choir is now led by Bernhard Touwen, its third conductor since its foundation.

Concertkoor Haarlem is an experienced and ambitious choir that aims to make music at the highest possible level. The choir rehearses every week under the inspiring leadership of the conductor, who is also its artistic director. It is accompanied by an experienced rehearsal pianist. Top soloists gladly cooperate and we only ask professional orchestras to accompany the choir during performances.

With a special and versatile repertoire, the conductor regularly chooses an unfamiliar work, bringing the choir to a higher level. With rejuvenation in mind, it seeks its own way within the inexhaustible world of classical choral music.

To ensure the level, every new choir member has passed a voice test with the conductor. This voice test is repeated every three years by a recognised vocal pedagogue who also tunes other choirs nationwide, together with the conductor. Every choir member receives a report, with binding advice. It may be necessary to take singing lessons. For this purpose, a list of qualified singing teachers in the region is available on the choir’s internal site. This approach assures the choir of high and growing quality.

Rehearsal 2015

Rehearsal 2015